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An Interview With Stephen Lewis

Scientist, Healer or Trailblazer?

By Michelene K Bell, ILT

Stephen Lewis is a man with a mission. As co-author of Sanctuary, The Path to Consciousness, Stephen found his true calling with subtle energy physics. Fascinated by energy nearly all his life, he studied Oriental medicine, philosophy, and religion—all of which are based on energy. He also has degrees in acupuncture and homeopathy and is the co-founder of EMC². To date, EMC² has offered energetic balancing to nearly 40,000 people worldwide.

ILT: Stephen, what was it like growing up in Philadelphia and what challenges did you face?

SL: I felt very much at home growing up in Philadelphia, primarily because it was home, and I did not feel the least bit alienated or deprived in any sense whatsoever. The challenges I felt were the same as all the other kids and that would be primarily adults objecting to our childishly antisocial behaviors.

I did have one advantage. My grandfather was a student of the Kabbalah. His lessons seemed pointless at the time, but I now know they subtly lodged in the unused niches of my consciousness, and resurfaced later in my life. I would have to acknowledge that my grandfather gently helped shape my destiny for this lifetime. 

ILT: Who were some of your heroes as a kid?

SL: As a kid my heroes were the same as those of my friends, and were primarily athletes. I do not remember having any great spurt of humanitarianism as a little boy in the streets. On the other hand, I was athletic and athletes were my role models. As a little boy, my idol was Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox.

ILT: And what about today, who are your role models?

SL: Well that is a difficult question. One is always tempted to round-up the usual suspects, such as Neils Bohr, David Bohm, Albert Einstein, and Wilhelm Reich. I would certainly not want to omit Jesus Christ and Buddha or any other ascendant Master. They are the obvious icons. I think for me, it is far more relevant to speak of who has influenced me, personally, in my life. And to do that, I must answer a whole series of questions. You see, many people say the same thing. It is one’s receptivity to a message that creates the impact. Certainly, if I look at people like Wayne Dyer, Rev. Michael Beckwith, myself and many others, we are all saying the same thing. The point is, who reaches YOU with that message. The answer may simply be, the person who speaks to you when you are ready to hear. Be that as it may, I have been blessed with many teachers and am still ready to listen…on a good day. 

I can’t think of anyone who influences me more than my woman, Eileen and my cat Fosdick because they allow me to open up to a feeling of being able to be loved and being able to love. Now, how do you trivialize and minimize the effect of that influence? 

On the other hand, my good friend Michael Beckwith has been a major influence in my life. He made me appreciate and understand intimately that my work and our work here is fundamentally spiritual and we were on the same path. Interesting enough, that path is the path to consciousness. There have been many who have influenced me. What each of them has done made me feel the reality of what I only knew intellectually. They made me truly know what I previously thought I knew.

ILT: Did you ever feel like you had a mission to complete in this life?

SL: Yes, everyday, without a doubt. I have been given a gift, and a gift is a responsibility. My gift is the work I do and my responsibility is to communicate as much as possible the fact we must understand we are empowered to help ourselves, to create ourselves, to heal ourselves, and to accept our responsibility for doing so. I join with all those who share that same message and there are many of us, and there are more everyday. One is given a gift for a reason. I believe I am blessed to have been chosen to communicate. I believe I am blessed to be able to help so many and I must give back some of that blessing. I don’t think it will ever end.

ILT: What one situation put you on this life path you find yourself on today?

SL: I think perhaps, looking at my family as a child growing up, I understood intuitively, that the answer for me was in the realm of healing. Furthermore, healing was something I was going to have to find for myself. That understanding keeps being reinforced. In fact, I see myself as having an ever-increasing series of near-life experiences.

ILT: In Sanctuary, you speak of life force energy. Please explain life force and how you measure it?

SL: Life force energy is something absolutely vital to life and is the force within us. It is the inherent power within that helps us resist disease and imbalances. It is the power that sustains life. It is elemental which you cannot redefine. It is interesting to note that the concept of life force is accepted as fundamental in many societies where it may be known as “Chi” or “Prana” or ”Astral Force” or whatever other name that particular society uses. I believe, even in our western society, where “officially” it is not recognized, everyone knows it exists. Everyone perceives it. No one is shocked by it. It is akin to ‘vitality” which also resists quantification, although it is universally recognized. 



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